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Recognized for our dedication to quality, unparalleled customer service, and community engagement, our team is highly skilled and certified in the latest industry standards, ensuring your home is in the most capable hands. Let Zhe Industries transform your space into a sanctuary of comfort and innovation—because when it comes to enhancing your living environment, we’re not just experts; we’re your trusted partners in creating the home of your dreams.

Why Choose Us

High-Quality Standards & Customer Service

Zhe Industries has a proven track record of providing high-quality workmanship and exceptional customer service, as evidenced by their A+ Accreditation from the Better Business Bureau and recognition as a 2021 Neighborhood Favorite & 2022 A+ Best Contracting Company.

Certified & Credentialed Expertise

As a GAF Certified Home Improvement Contractor, Zhe Industries possesses the necessary expertise to perform roofing services with an assurance of safety and efficiency. ​

Responsive & Professional Communication

Zhe Industries prioritizes effective communication with its clients, committing to return all calls, texts, and emails within 24 business hours or less.

Flexible Financing Options

Zhe Industries understands that home improvement projects can be significant investments. To make services more accessible to a wider range of clients, we offer financing options.

Based on 79 reviews
Jon & Michelle Porter
Jon & Michelle Porter
March 25, 2024
I recently had attic work done by Zhe Industries, LLC and had a fantastic experience. Brian, the owner, provided a thorough and free inspection, showing kindness and punctuality throughout. He and his team were quick to understand my concerns, answer questions, and accommodate my schedule. They were also the most affordable option among quotes I received. The team's efficiency and effectiveness were remarkable, completing insulation removal, sanitization, air sealing, fan replacement, and new insulation in under 12 hours. Brian ensured quality throughout and my home now feels brand new. Highly recommend Zhe Industries, LLC for their professionalism and excellent work.
Todd Fance
Todd Fance
March 3, 2024
Top-notch service and very professional. My attic looks new, and most notably, the new insulation keeps my home at proper temperature for longer.
Breanna Carpenter
Breanna Carpenter
February 24, 2024
10/10 would recommend Brian and his team. I received a few insulation quotes and I wasn’t sold on anyone until I talked to Brian. My attic is now sanitized, sealed and properly insulated. He was also kind enough to screen the gable vents. The crew was on time and professional. Thanks Zhe!
Rich Famiglietti
Rich Famiglietti
February 16, 2024
I purchased my home in Acredale in March of 2023. It needed a number of repairs and upgrades. By the Fall, I noticed that the insolation in the attic was not doing the job and was in really poor condition. I had already spent far more than I expected for the other repairs and was thinking about just filling in the lean areas myself. I noticed a smell in the attic and found rodent droppings. I did some research and decided that the attic was more of a priority than other projects I planned. I got some estimates but did not feel confident in what these salesmen were saying. I looked one last time and found Zhe. I liked that they seem to have a direct connection to the manufacturer of the material they use. Brian came to give the estimate. He answered my questions in detail and outlined exactly what was needed to do the job correctly and to code. He and his assistant, Dave, came and finished when they said they would. They kept the house neat as they worked and had no problem answering any additional questions and allowing me to see the different stages of the job along the way. Both of them were friendly and hard-working professionals. Brian was also very cooperative in the way the paperwork was handled. The work they did came out very well. They sanitized and sealed the whole attic, eliminating the leaks and smell. They made sure the airflow is correct for proper ventilation and raised the “R value” above the current code requirements. The other companies offered less for more than I paid. My house is warmer, quieter, and that funky smell is gone. I have already passed Zhe’s contact info to a close friend.
Nonie S
Nonie S
February 10, 2024
Zhe Industries was very professional, prompt and clean. They were on time for the removal of my insulation. They thoroughly sanitized my attic and blew in new insulation. I highly recommend their services.
Clairette Campbell
Clairette Campbell
February 1, 2024
Fall of 2023 I solicited quotes from a few insulation contractors and found Zhe Industries had the most efficient and clear communication, as well as reasonable pricing, so we hired them. The work was done on the days agreed upon, cleanup afterwards was good, everything done as discussed. I would recommend. (The insulation in our 1960s ranch was very insufficient before this project, I am pleased to see how much our gas usage has gone down these cold months compared to last year.)
Brian Catalino
Brian Catalino
January 28, 2024
Completely happy. Brian and his crew did a great job on everything. Highly recommended.
natalya Lemke
natalya Lemke
December 27, 2023
I wanted a blown wall insulation done for a long time, I got it , it was done perfect , on schedule with very friendly staff. Really recommend this service.
Melody Brock
Melody Brock
December 7, 2023
I have nothing but wonderful things to say about this company! They came out within a week of contacting for an estimate; we scheduled about a week or two out; job was completed in 1 day. These guys never even took a lunch break! We had removal and installation in our townhome which is about 2200+ square feet. Our family was having severe breathing concerns and our house just always was trying to combat the weather outside. HVAC was running nearly nonstop and multiple dehumidifiers running. I had no idea that bad insulation can break down and the dusting particles will end up in your HVAC system. The chemical compounds that were in my previous breaking down was alarming in and of itself. I was sold on their products being certified and certified technicians installing with 50 year shelf life. I will be dead most likely the next time insulation is needed. Definitely will continue recommending their services and the products they promote. After having a good week turnaround with the new insulation I am happy to report my HVAC has barely ran and we have not needed the dehumidifiers. Our entire family’s breathing has improved tenfold. Adding previous to new photos.
Thomas Craddock
Thomas Craddock
November 16, 2023
Outstanding service and fair price!! Highly recommended!!

Our Services

Insulation Services

Zhe Industries specializes in comprehensive insulation services tailored to enhance your home’s energy efficiency. From expert residential insulation replacement to upgrading existing setups, our dedicated team ensures your living space remains comfortable year-round, significantly reducing your energy bills and environmental footprint.

Air Sealing & Ventilation

Zhe Industries offers top-tier air sealing and ventilation services designed to optimize your home’s or business’s energy efficiency, leading to significant savings in energy and money. By meticulously sealing leaks and improving ventilation, our solutions ensure a comfortable indoor environment while reducing carbon footprint and slashing energy bills. 

Crawl Space Services

Zhe Industries specializes in optimizing your home’s health and efficiency through professional crawl space services. Our expert team excels in dehumidifier installation to control moisture and improve air quality, alongside crawl space encapsulation to seal and protect your home from dampness, pests, and mold. Trust us to enhance your living environment with these essential services.

Roof Repair or Replacement

At Zhe Industries, we specialize in providing top-tier, high-quality roofing services, encompassing thorough inspections, expert repairs, and complete replacements. Our team is dedicated to offering affordable roofing solutions that don’t compromise on quality, ensuring your home is protected and your peace of mind is secured. Trust us to keep your roof in pristine condition all year round.

Seamless Gutters

Zhe Industries specializes in installing high-quality seamless gutters designed to provide an effective, leak-proof solution for channeling water away from your property, safeguarding your home’s foundation and landscaping, and preventing soil erosion around your home. To complement their seamless gutters, Zhe Industries also offers top-of-the-line guards that keep debris out, ensuring your gutter system functions efficiently without needing frequent cleaning, ultimately protecting your investment and providing peace of mind through all seasons.

Exterior Services

At Zhe Industries, we specialize in providing top-tier exterior services, including siding, fascia, and soffit repair, catering to a broad range of needs, from simple fixes to comprehensive installation and removal tasks. Our commitment to meticulous craftsmanship and unparalleled customer service has cultivated a loyal client base that trusts us for all their exterior project needs. Whether addressing venting problems or undertaking total installation replacements, our skilled team ensures every job is performed to the highest standards, guaranteeing satisfaction and lasting results.

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